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Bar Codes

The Barcode is a tiny, discreet tool that changed the world.

Everyday, at least 5 Billion barcodes are read all over the planet.

From America to Europe to Asia, scanners read barcodes on all sorts of goods produced by millions of companies of all sizes. They transmit them to thousands of computers of different kinds, using numerous software programs designed by competing companies in order to manage shipments, storage, ordering, sales.

GS1 Barcodes are certainly the most well-known and universally recognizable part of the GS1 system of standards. Ever since they were invented over thirty years ago, GS1 has been building and managing barcode standards that enable businesses and organizations around the world to automatically identify products, pallets and places.

GS1 Barcodes enable businesses to manage the supply chain more efficiently.

And in today's global economy, an efficient supply chain is a must. As more businesses adopt global sourcing strategies, the management of supply chains has become more difficult - while at the same time even more important to company's success.

Insufficient or inaccurate data traveling along the supply chain can damage brands if things go wrong. Improving data quality can result in an immediate benefit to profits.

GS1 Standards, such as barcodes, enable business to respond to the challenge of a globalized supply chain by increasing their efficiency and maximizing profitability.

Transport and Logistics

Transport and Logistics plays a crucial role in the supply chain process and today no transport and logistics company can be efficient without robust information technology and data communication support.

GS1 has already developed the set of well-recognized standards for the Transport and Logistics sector. These solutions include bar coding and communication standards:


  1. Serial Shipment Container Code (SSCC) for the unique identification of logistic units worldwide
  2. Business message standards in XML and EANCOM formats
  3. Number of application identifiers (AI) specifically developed for the identification of logistic units, including AI (401) Consignment number, AI (402) Shipment identification number, as well as AIs related to identification of locations.

Transport and Logistics companies get competitive advantage by applying GS1 standards across their supply chain operations. Benefits can include improved efficiency, increased visibility of the flow of shipments, more efficient handling and inventory management, increased security of distribution and speed of operations.

For more information about Transport and Logistics please contact GS1 Lebanon


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